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Oracle Forms Modernization Experts


Our professional team can lessen your burden and manage the whole or part of your Oracle Forms upgrades or modernization projects.

With 20 years of know-how and a software development team of Oracle Forms experts we offer effective solutions for your Oracle Forms modernization projects.

Oracle Forms applications offer a web-browser interface for users, but they aren’t web-friendly. Forms applications still play a vital role in many companies, modernizing these applications has become an important issue that businesses need to address.

Oracle APEX is the clear platform of choice for easily transitioning Oracle Forms applications to modern web apps. The same stored procedures and PL/SQL packages work natively in APEX, making it a breeze to develop.


Oracle Forms, with its limitations, is increasingly complex and costly to develop with and maintain. What’s more, developing functionality that’s not native to Forms, such as mobile capability or web services is simply not practical.

Oracle APEX runs completely through a web browser and requires zero client-side tools or browser plugins (for both development and runtime), it saves app definitions using a metadata repository so there is no need for file generation, includes out of the box theming, and produces fully responsive apps (so it runs on any device).

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